Laura Jean Healey is an award winning Artist Filmmaker who specialises in holographic film and installations.  Having worked within the film, television, fashion and holographic projection industries – as a Digital Camera Technician on a number of high-profile projects – in order to both supplement and inspire her own fine art practice; she has developed a keen interest in the practical application of new and emerging technologies to create cinematic and innovative film installations, which engage and surprise the audience.


Laura uses the medium of film to explore the nature of the cinematic experience.  In particular, her work examines the role and objectification of the female form within the screen, the inherent paradoxical nature of cinema exhibition and the desire it raises within the spellbound spectator. In this context, Laura’s work strives to retain a sense of romanticism whilst revealing the unconsummated nature of these seemingly fulfilling images.


Laura has collaborated with Musion das Hologram – often as a Director of Photography – to produce internationally acclaimed holographic film installations; such as the Yota after show party holographic exhibition for the premiere of Mikhailovsky’s Swan Lake (London, 2010) and the very first holographic opera production, Telesio, directed by the acclaimed Composer, Singer/Songwriter and Filmmaker Franco Battiato (Italy, 2011).


As well as collaborating with Musion das Hologram, Laura produced the very first underwater, slow motion, holographic film installation, The Siren.  The film was awarded the Passion for Freedom Gold 2013 Film Award for it’s ‘artistic value and powerful visual message embodying the freedom of women’ and the MAMA’s Corporate Award 2012 for ‘the most innovative design concept working with the Musion Eyeliner System’.  YotaSwan Lake was also awarded the MAMA’S Corporate Award for it’s innovation.