An Acre of Seats in a Garden of Dreams (2006)
Standard 16mm Film, 2006


‘An Acre of Seats in a Garden of Dreams’ is an  exploration of the cinema auditorium and the nature of the cinematic experience.  The film depicts one of the earliest cinemas in London throughout the different stages of a cinematic performance.  It references both the early cinema period and  industry standard film settings and formats used for both filming and cinema exhibition.  The film focuses not only on the physical screen – on which the film is being projected – and how we engage with the projected image; but also the way in which this iconic, well-known space changes throughout a performance.


The film was originally exhibited within the context of an already existing ‘cinema’ space, therefore pulling back the curtain to reveal the true mechanics of the cinema and the way in which we engage with not only the projected film image;  but  more  importantly  the  physical  installation itself.

Filmed at the Gate Picture House, Notting Hill, London, 2006.
With Special Thanks to The Gate Picture House.