Smoke & Mirrors Act III: The Magician
Holographic  Serendipity, The New Shunt Lounge, London Bridge Tunnels, London, May 2010


Musion holograms (a reinvention of Peppers Ghost) in collaboration with Shunt, showcased artists from The Musion Academy,  whereby a new vein of artistic talent experimented with this high-end technology, interacting with musicians and artists within the space to celebrate the opening of the New Shunt Lounge.  Healey exhibited her first holographic art film, ‘Smoke & Mirrors, Act III: The Magician’, a holographic burlesque sequence performed by international Burlesque Performer Roxy Velvet.  The holographic installation focuses on the nature of the image as pure movement, its intrinsic deception and the lure of its disavowal, to reveal the true nature of the illusion, its inherent paradoxes and the enchanting nature of seduction.  


Holographic Serendipity was curated by Oliver Gingrich.


Preview: The New Shunt Lounge