Telesio – Holographic Opera
Rendano Theatre, Cosenza, Italy, May 2011


‘Telesio’ was the very first lyric opera to be performed completely by virtual artists, using Musion’s Eyeliner System. Envisioned by Italian Composer and Director Franco Battiato in honour of philosopher Bernardino Telesio (1509–1588) the set, singers, dancers and performers appeared on stage, but they were not physically there. They were simply holograms. It’s intricate production included special complexities that merged dance, holograms, poetry and projection.


The production of the show took nine days. During this time Laura Jean Healey worked as a Holographic Film Consultant to Franco Battiato and his creative team. The whole opera was filmed beforehand at the theatre in Corzena, in which a film studio was set up within the theatre. While the scenes were being filmed within the studio, they were also projected live onto the actual stage, which had been prepared with the holographic screen, to ensure the quality of the footage and that the holograms looked as natural as possible.


The show ran for three days at the Rendano Theatre in Cosenza, Italy, to a full house.