The Siren
High Definition Holographic Film Installation, 2012

A critically acclaimed work, ‘The Siren’ is the first life size (High Definition) holographic film installation.  The film explores of the nature of the feminine mystique within the screen and the seemingly active gaze of the audience, to reveal the inherent paradoxes and enchanting nature of the seduction of the projected image.  It is within the substantial nothingness of the screen that the Siren’s projected presence exists as pure artifice.


Filmed entirely underwater in slow motion and projected as a life size 3D installation, the film makes the impossible – a women living and breathing underwater – become a reality.  Beautiful and haunting, she exists as pure ephemeral light and constructs her own reality, which playing to her supposed nothingness forces the audience to acknowledge her presence, power and autonomy.


Although originally intended for the medium of holographic projection, the film can exist outside of this medium as a 2-dimensional film projection or installation.


‘The Siren’ was awarded the awarded the Passion for Freedom 2013 Gold Film Award for it’s artistic value and powerful visual message embodying the freedom of women and the MAMA’s Corporate 2012 Award for the most innovative concept and design.


Wired Online Magazine review:  Underwater 3D projection brings Siren to life